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Waitecas - El Gran Chufle

HR-13 / 12" VINYL/ 2012

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Debut record from Paris-based El Gran Chufle comes to you as “A D.I.Y. hi-fi creation inspired by Patagonian Jetis' rituals, Titicaca's UFO landings, spiritisme & voices coming out of the strange cosmogony of The Waitecas (a dissappeared etnia native to the fjords & channels of austral Chile), partly guided by the worshipping of supernatural beings and as a result of a myriad selection of unusual instruments: farfisa organs, theremin, xylophone, bass organ, drums-trigging-guitars, bolivian flutes... Not to mention the sublime vocals of Georgina Treloar”. Handcrafted surf-noir instrumentals, motorik outer-space improv, hypnotic dream-pop grooves that often morph into their own brand of acid-drenched easy-listening. Recorded in Paris and London, mixed by Laurent Dagoret and Acid Pauli (The Notwist). Published by HR in an edition of 500 copies.

About El Gran Chufle

Group formed by Memo Dumay (Guitar-PANICO) and Jean Pierre Grappin (Drums- exHOLDEN), and became quartet when Georgina Treolar (Voice, Organ) and Esteban Anavitarte (bass) have joined the group with a view to play a summer tour in 2010. They released their 1st EP called "Tambores Obstinados y Ruido Voltaico", something like Stubborns Drums and Electrical Noise in Spanish. Between these five titles, the sound wavers into tropicalist garage, surf music and road movie soundtracks. This CD-R has been sold 100 copies exclusively at Rough Trade East shop in London during the summer of 2010 and in theirs concerts that year. The band are currently based in Europe and "Waitecas" is their first Long Play.