HR C 04 Kick

PANICO – KICK / HR-C-04 / 7″ VINYL / 2010

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Dirty punk/funk group Panico hails from Chile and is now based in Paris. Known by their nicknames, Panico are Eddie Pistolas on vocals, Mpc2000 on guitar, Carolina 3 Estrellas on bass and back vocals, Seba Cavernicola o drums and Memo Radial on guitar. Panico was part of the Santiago underground scene in the mid-’90s where, in DYI style, the band founded its own label, called Combo Disco. After signing with EMI, the band recorded “Pornostar” and an EP called “Surfin Maremoto.
Panico has released three albums and several EPs and singles in France; Telepatic Sonora (2001), Subliminal Kill (2005) and Kick (2010) released by StGeorge/Sony, Tigersushi and Chemikal Underground. Panico’s next album will be based on a film made by James June Schneider and Benjamin Echazarreta, titled “The Sound Beneath.”

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