La Sintesis was originally founded by Diego Hernández and Marcelo Buscaglia while in a break from their former project Delta 21, in order to keep strengthening their musical abilities and exploring the capabilities of their rehearsal space, but this time in a more fluid and freestyle manner. Their training routine eventually brought new adepts from the sewers of Chilean experimental underground from the 90’s and 00’s such as Marcelo Leturia, Jaime Acevedo and Nicolás Carcavilla, becoming a stable formation that jammed for almost 2 years playing religiously every Friday at the studio and very occasionally live at private venues. The band’s lifetime extended to around 3 years when they decided to work on their first homonymous LP, opening the gates of the studio to Alejandro Palacios, Cucho Avendaño and Tan Vargas as session collaborators. The Result is a deranged surrealist post post post-rock operetta, bursting with contemporary improvisations that go beyond Musique Concrète and Kosmische Musik

Diego Hernández: percussion, keyboard, bass
Marcelo Leturia: electric guitar
Jaime Acevedo: bass, guitar, percussions
Nicolás Carcavilla: sampler, synthesizer, guitar, banjo
Marcelo Buscaglia: synthesizer
Cucho Avendaño: bongos
Alejandro Palacios: trumpet, trombone
Tan Vargas: lap steel guitar
Produced by Diego Hernández & Nicolás Carcavilla between October of 2018 and December of 2019. Mixed and Mastered by Nicolás Carcavilla.