LEONINO – NAKED TUNES / HR-28 / 12” VINYL / 2014


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As leader/vocalist of Los Prisioneros –the most iconic Chilean rock band ever and front-runners of a new musical resistance to Pinochet’s dictatorship that burst through in the mid 80’s– Jorge González became an idol and a voice for an entire generation of oppressed youth, reaching the pinnacle of fame not only in Chile but throughout Latin America. Never afraid of stating his opinions with sarcastic humor and raw talent, he guided the trio through a series of best-selling albums full of bile and discordance. It was a journey that began with the disenchantment of straight-forward punk-a-billy and meandered through different song structures, including occasional excursions into ballads and other cross-genres, and the use of samples, keyboards and electronic sounds. After the first four albums –and with them having conquered a transversal fan base– González ventured into a prolific and eclectic solo career, which once again consecrated him as an innovator and a genius composer, raising his signature tell-it-like-it-is lyrics and his particular crooning style to new levels of adoration. With an incipient electronic scene rapidly developing in Santiago in the early 90’s, he was involved in several releases progressively exploring dance music (Gonzalo Martínez y Sus Congas Pensantes, Los Updates, Los Sampler…) and eventually moved to Germany in the 00’s, where he has continued working in close circle with a group of notorious musicians from Chile and abroad. Jorge González is now back again as Leonino, with an intimate set of new songs accompanied by guitar (in English), featuring collaborations by brothers Pier and Juan Pablo Bucci, Mariano Scopel, Argenis Brito, Martin Schopf, Tobias Freund and Miguel Toro. All songs are produced by Leonino at Krossener Studios, Berlin, mixed and mastered by Tobias Freund (except There is a Light, mixed by Matthew Styles-Harris). This album is dedicated to Gia. Published by HR in an edition of 500 copies.


HR 28 Naked Tunes